Ocean Bicycle---Happy New Year

From: Countries festival
publisher: Ocean Bicycle
Time: 2016-01-04
Summary: 31th Dec the 2016 is coming---Ocean Bicycle hold party to celebrate the new year!

2015 is over.And the new year 2016 is coming.Wish everyone will be better and better in this year.Do you have desire on 2016?Try to make that come true.

31th Dec.the last day of 2015.Ocean Bicycle had a party to celebrate the coming new year.We were singing,dancing eating.Very happy and exciting.Welcome more customers will join our family.Not only for bicycle business,also for relationship.

In the beginning of the party.Two light comperes and kind families.

General manager and every leader speaking time:

Awarded for the outstanding employees,Boss and general manager awarded:


Prize-winner speaking:

Lunch and party time:

Beautiful girls .

Singing Jiangnan Style and dancing!

We are so happy that the new years' come.New year, new weather. We hope that our company can influence rising, bike business is booming. I hope our team more and more personal harvest. Finally wish all our customers a happy New Year.

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