What are the most important things I should know about riding a bike?
Be safe. Safety First! Always obey the rules of the road. Obey all traffic signals, signs, and laws. Get in the mindset of “driving” your bike—not just “riding” your bike. This will help you be a more focused and legally compliant bike rider. Wear a helmet for every ride, even short trips.

Be predictable. Ride so drivers, other cyclists, and pedestrians can see you and predict your movements.

Be alert. Ride defensively and expect the unexpected. Focus on riding and what is around you at all times. Always check behind you; do a quick check before you change lanes.

Be equipped. Always maintain a safe bike, have a front bike light that works and a rear reflector, wear bright colored or reflective clothing so you are visible at all times, and carry tools to fix a flat.

Be courteous. Yield to pedestrians and use hand signals to indicate to motorists your direction of travel.

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