Do I need special clothing to ride to work?
Do I need special clothing to ride to work?
If you are only riding a short distance, less than a mile commuting or to get around the campus, you can comfortably ride in your work clothes with the following notes: Use a pant-leg band to prevent your pants from catching in the chain. Refrain from riding in heels or a skirt/dress with loose or long fabric, as the fabric can get caught in the spokes and stop the bike immediately, posing a hazard. Also, be aware of loose straps from a backpack that may dangle into the chain.

When riding longer distances, you may work up a sweat and might be more comfortable in bike shorts or bike pants and a jersey that will wick the moisture away to keep you dry. Make sure you wear proper footwear, flat soled shoes, and no open-toe sandals that leave your feet exposed.

Remember: Wear a bike helmet for every ride!

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